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2 Corinthians Series

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As we begin a new series in a book of the Bible, it is important that we submit our heart to the work God seeks to accomplish in our lives during this study. I can easily fall into the trap that “study = knowledge." In reality, transformation comes about when our minds, hearts, and our will to act are all engaged together. The book of 2 Corinthians is filled with practical theology. That is, street level wisdom for our daily life. Paul doesn’t write it from the ivory tower of a scholar but instead, from the ground, level as a person and a pastor. This Sunday morning, as we open our Bibles for the Word of God to be declared, let’s already have fully submitted ourselves to that Word, having asked the Holy Spirit to bring about transformation in our lives!Here are some helpful tips to engaging your mind, your heart, and your will in the study of 2 Corinthians: 

  • Read the passage on your own along with the weekly sermon. You can download the full series breakdown at this link:
     Series Breakdown
  • Listen to the reading of the whole book. You can do this on your drive time, during a little break at work, or while exercising. A good option for this is to download the ESV Bible App. Within is an option to have the passage read to you.
  • Watch a brief video overview of the book by The Bible Project.
  • Take a few minutes and ask God to bless your reading and application of God’s Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to use it to transform your heart and give you the power to obey what he calls you to through it. 

Lastly, I want to challenge us all to think about someone we can invite to church in this series. Perhaps even this week. You never know what God can do to change someone’s life for all eternity with a simple invite!

Pastor Ryan

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